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Bobbi Hedegard

A Memphis native, Bobbi Hedegard spent eight years in Texas. There, she fell in love with competitive shooting, which made her increasingly aware of the need for hearing protection. Her hunt for the perfect earplugs led to disappointment, and she grew frustrated with the available options. She found her calling when she attended a training event at E.A.R. Inc. She could create custom hearing protection molded to the individual needs of her clients.

A registered nurse and veteran of the United States Navy, Bobbi received intensive training in hearing protection, becoming COHC certified in 2021. She is an expert in OSHA requirements and can help you find the perfect earplugs to suit your occupational needs. She now serves the Memphis, TN area, offering the best hearing protection on the market. 

You could spend months researching the internet for the perfect earplugs or let Bobbi’s expertise help you! She offers on-site consultations and a thirty-day satisfaction guarantee. The extensive research with audiologists and fellow sportsmen and women on the range makes her the best option for your custom earplug needs. Give her a call today!


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