Insta-Mold Series

Our Insta-Mold® earplugs are made “On-the-Spot” and returned to you the same day or within an agreed-upon time frame. These medical grade, hydrophobic, hypoallergenic silicone plugs offer ultimate comfort because they are custom molded to individual ears. NRR-rated 32, Insta-Mold® earplugs remain flexible and soft, giving you years of consistent use while shooting firearms, working with power tools, listening to live music, riding motorcycles, and many other activities involving loud noises.

Each set comes with a lanyard to connect your earplugs and a storage pouch.


We use an otoscope to check your ear for infection or any impacted earwax that could mar the final result. (Since these earplugs are made on-site, we want to ensure they turn out perfectly!) A foam block keeps the silicone from touching your eardrum, and we carefully inject the material with a special syringe, ensuring that it molds to your outer ear and ear canal.

The silicone sets in ten to twelve minutes. At this time, we ask you not to move about, eat, drink, or talk, since the movement of your jaw can impact the final result. Play on your phone or take a short nap… don’t move.

Once the silicone sets, we remove it and let it cure for a few minutes. We use a Dremel tool to remove rough edges and ensure a smooth surface. If you choose to add a filter or a Bluetooth Lanyard, we can now insert those options. Afterward, we apply two coats of medical-grade lacquer to seal the deal. Allow two to three days for your product to be perfected. 

**Note: You must pay before sitting down for your impressions.


Solid Earplugs

These basic, solid earplugs provide excellent protection against high-level noises.

The soft silicone material makes them comfortable enough for all-day usage.

These are recommended for indoor activities because reverberations may possibly penetrate the filter and cause damage.


Acoustic Filtered Earplugs

These solid earplugs include a filter, allowing greater speech recognition and communication while protecting against noise over 85 decibels.

These filters reduce occlusion (the technical term for the warped sounds you hear while wearing standard earplugs).

They are recommended for outdoor activities where noise dissipates faster, and reverberations pose less danger to your hearing.

$75 and up

Fully Metal Detectable Earplugs

We make these earplugs with fully metal-detectable silicone.

Recommended for people who work in the food and beverage industry or any activity where you may have to fish your earplugs out of odd spaces with a magnet, these customizable earplugs offer several options.

You can get them in the standard, solid earplug or with the additional acoustic filter.

*These additions impact the final price.*


iPlugz® Sports Monitors (Gen 1)

A single-balanced armature speaker/driver package, this Bluetooth option offers an overall broader sound with a mixture of highs and lows. If you want to enjoy your music or podcast and block environmental noises, this is the option for you! Just remember to keep it at a safe volume. 


​​Communications Earplug

These solid earplugs include two-way radio or Bluetooth capabilities. That means you can protect your hearing and communicate with your employees, coworkers, or others.

These are perfect for pilots, heavy machinery operators, and factory supervisors.

Reasons you need Insta-Molds:

Mowing the yard • Running a chainsaw• Attending sports events • Shooting • Riding a motorcycle • Traveling • Working in a factory • Roofing • Working on cars •  Seeing your favorite band live •
All these activities damage your hearing.
Wear protection! Work safe! Play safe!

“If you'd heard me the first time I said it twice, I wouldn't have had to say it again.” -- N'Zuri Za Austin