Commuters experience extreme noise levels—often without noticing. The following decibel levels were reported for common traveling methods:

Transportation Type Decibels
Buses 80-95
Diesel Trucks 100
Airplanes (Cabin) 56-110
Subways 119-120

If you travel for business, you know how much jetlag and exhaustion impairs your ability to perform at your best. Yet, it’s hard to sleep when surrounded by others. Between the chatter of other passengers, the rumble of the engine, the sounds of traffic, and the snack cart, you awaken feeling more tired…if you manage to fall asleep. Let us help you!

If your career involves long-haul driving, you may recognize noise-induced exhaustion symptoms: Headache, extreme fatigue, irritability, difficulty sleeping, nagging ringing in the ears, or ear pain. These symptoms develop much faster in persons who have noise-induced hearing loss.

Recommended Products

We recommend our Solid Sleep Earplugs for travelers who need to rest while traveling. These earplugs nest deeply within the ear canal, blocking any annoying sounds and allowing you to sleep peacefully.

Truck or bus drivers: Consider our Chameleon Ears™ or standard Insta-Molds® with acoustic filters allow you to remain aware of the road and your surroundings while blocking dangerous noise levels. An Insta-Mold® Communications system connects to your radio or phone, allowing you to communicate with other drivers or your family members while keeping your hands free to steer.

Airplane Travelers: Choose Insta-Mold® iPlugz Bluetooth Sports Monitors (Gen 1), which allow you to hear your program while blocking environmental distractions. This iPlugz technology also comes in our Chameleon Ears Series!

Don't let the jetlag get you down!

Did you know that noises over 80 decibels cause stress, irritability, and anxiety? We are happy to help you find exactly what you need to make your travels less stressful! Contact us today and schedule your free consultation! 

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