On-Site Product Fitting for Employees

Fitting Process for Chameleon Ears:

Phases of Production:

Initial Consultation: When you come to us for your Chameleon Ears™ earplugs, we show you the form with the electronic options for you to consider. It would help if you shared your expectations for the earplugs, what you plan to use them for, and any details you feel are relevant. That allows us to help you choose the customizations you need.

Before you come for your impressions: Clean your ears before you arrive for your impressions. Any earwax, hair, or sebum can impact the finished product, and we want you to have perfect results. Eat or drink at this time because we need you to be as still as possible for the next phase.


Impression Session: We use an otoscope to check your ears for infection, impacted earwax, or any other variables that could potentially mar the impression or pose risks to your hearing health. (For example, if your eardrums show signs of injury, we can’t risk the process.) A foam block keeps the putty and solvent from touching your eardrums. At this time, we ask you not to move—don’t talk, eat, drink, or do anything that makes your jaw move because this could impact the mold.

Using a special syringe, we inject the putty, which we mix with a catalyst that allows it to become firm within ten to twelve minutes. Afterward, we carefully remove the mixture, ensuring the mold remains undamaged, and package it for shipping to the lab. (Since E.A.R. Inc. saves your impressions on file for up to five years, we want to ensure it’s as close to perfect as possible.)

The Finished Product: The lab uses 3D-Print technology to create your custom earplugs. E.A.R. Inc.’s expert technicians install any additional electronic customizations before packaging your earplugs and shipping them to your address. Allow 2-4 weeks for production and shipping.

**Note: If you have more than twenty employees, we recommend Chameleon Ears™, since it allows us to streamline the process.**

Fitting Process for Insta-Molds®


We use an otoscope to check your ear for infection or any impacted earwax that could mar the final result. (Since these earplugs are made on-site, we want to ensure they turn out perfectly!) A foam block keeps the silicone from touching your eardrum, and we carefully inject the material with a special syringe, ensuring that it molds to your outer ear and ear canal.

The silicone sets in ten to twelve minutes. At this time, we ask you not to move about, eat, drink, or talk, since the movement of your jaw can impact the final result. Play on your phone or take a short nap… don’t move.

Once the silicone sets, we remove it and let it cure for a few minutes. We use a Dremel tool to remove rough edges and ensure a smooth surface. If you choose to add a filter or a Bluetooth Lanyard, we can now insert those options. Afterward, we apply two coats of medical-grade lacquer to seal the deal. This lacquer takes up to thirty minutes to dry between coats, so plan to wait an hour before picking up your earplugs. (It could be longer, depending on how many orders we’re filling.)

We offer group rates! If your safety officer or human resources representative would like to see some of our handouts, you can access those here:

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