Law Enforcement

Law Enforcement

The Law Enforcement Officer (LEO) experiences prolonged exposure to dangerous decibels daily.  From the roar of traffic to the blaring sirens, it’s no wonder that as many as 28% of officers report hearing difficulties. On top of that, generic earplugs distort sounds, making it impossible to wear them on the job for long periods.

So, you must somehow anticipate needing them and insert them right before the noise begins. You don’t need anything more to worry about in your high-stress job. We offer custom-fit earplugs that fit any situation.

Customizations include Bluetooth and two-way radio capabilities. These allow you to protect your hearing and remain in contact with your partner or the dispatcher. 

We get it. You feel earplugs make you less aware of your surroundings. Generic earplugs also cause occlusion, which makes understanding others almost impossible. Our filtered options allow you to hear your surroundings, while also protecting you from dangerous decibels.

Recommended Products

Chameleon Ears™ with HearDefenders® technology allows you to remain alert to your surroundings, protecting your hearing. DECi Series Variable-Impulse Single Filtered Slugs (NRR ~ 15-18) give you control over the amount of noise you hear. If you want an earplug that connects to your radio, ensuring you can communicate with your partners, the Soft Shot™ Custom I or Soft Shot™ Custom II earpplugs allow you to exert more control over the environmental noise exposure while enabling you to communicate.

(**You can buy a single Soft Shot™ Custom I or II earplug, and use a standard Chameleon Ears™ or Chameleon Ears™ with additional HearDefender® technology to the other ear.**)

Depending on which comm system you use, consider Chameleon Ears™ PRO Silynx Custom Fit, which allow you to connect to Clarus Pro, Clarus FX2, and Clarus XPR. You can also choose a Skeleton/IFB Earpiece with three options: Solid, Filtered, and Open. Solid blocks all noise, filtered allows some outside noise, and open enables you to hear all environmental noise.

If you need budget-friendly options, consider Insta-Mold® communication earplugs or Chameleon Ears™ PRO—Modular Design, which allow you to swap between solid earplugs and filter earplugs, depending on the situation. 

Does your agency want to help your officers?

We have many options available for Law Enforcement. If you want to provide the best hearing protection for your officers, contact us for a free consultation! We offer department rates!

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