Chameleon Ears™

"Lab Created"

Chameleon Ear™ PRO Series

We use 3D-Print technology to create a precise replica of your ear canal and outer ear. Each set has a lanyard that connects your earplugs and a pouch for storage. This option differs from the Insta-Molds® because it allows you to customize your hearing protection based on specific needs.

Phases of Production:

Initial Consultation: When you come to us for your Chameleon Ears™ earplugs, we show you the form with the electronic options for you to consider. It would help if you shared your expectations for the earplugs, what you plan to use them for, and any details you feel are relevant. That allows us to help you choose the customizations you need.

Before you come for your impressions:

  • Clean your ears and trim excessive hairs. Any earwax, hair, or sebum can impact the finished product, and we want you to have perfect results.
  • Eat or drink because movement of the jaw impacts the impressions.

Impression Session: We use an otoscope to check your ears for infection, impacted earwax, or any other variables that could potentially mar the impression or pose risks to your hearing health. (For example, if your eardrums show signs of injury, we can’t risk the process.) A foam block keeps the putty from touching your eardrums.

Using a special syringe, we inject the putty, which we mix with a catalyst that allows it to become firm within ten to twelve minutes. Afterward, we carefully remove the mixture, ensuring the mold remains undamaged, and package it for shipping to the lab. (Since E.A.R. Inc. saves your impressions on file for up to five years, we want to ensure it’s as close to perfect as possible.)

The Finished Product: The lab uses 3D-Print technology to create your custom earplugs. E.A.R. Inc.’s expert technicians install any additional electronic customizations before packaging your earplugs and shipping them to your address. Allow 2-4 weeks for production and shipping.


Chameleon Solid Earplugs

The basic package comes in acrylic or vinyl if you prefer those options. These earplugs offer standard, OSHA-compliant hearing protection. You can choose up to three colors for your earplugs.


Acoustic Filtered

These solid earplugs feature a filter that allows speech recognition and communication while protecting against noise over 85 decibels. You can work or play in loud environments event and carry on a conversation!


HearDefenders-Dual Filters®

HearDefenders-Dual Filters® reduce the amplitude via two levels of filtration. As the noise level increases, so does the noise reduction. This advanced filter technology allows you more control over attenuation. Field tests have shown that HearDefenders-Dual Filters® enable you to remain alert and aware of critical sounds while protecting your hearing.


Modular Earplugs

This option allows you to switch between filtered and solid earplugs! You don’t have to choose between Solid and Acoustic Filtered. You can have both! But what makes the Mod Earplugs stand out is their adaptability. You can comms systems, removeable lanyards, or other accessories. The Mod is sure to fit all of your needs!


Pop Stoppers

These earplugs are designed with a “Pop Stopper.” This allows you to open them, activating the acoustic filter to hear more, or replace the “stopper” to hear less. It’s up to you! If you’re struggling to choose between acoustic or solid, you can have both if you choose this option!


​Racing Monitors

Communicate with your pit crew, or warn your driver of obstacles on the track with these custom-fit racing monitors. The 3.5mm standard jack plugs into your helmet comm system, and the earpiece blocks the excessive environmental noise while making sure you hear only what you need to hear!


Pro Musician Earplugs

These earplugs include a specialized filter that allows you to differentiate between pitches. Hear the music without endangering your hearing! We recommend these earplugs for DJs and Sound Engineers!

DEC Series: Custom Filters for Every Area of Your Life!


DECf Earplugs

These earplugs are specifically designed to cut down on uncomfortable pitches but still allow you to understand conversations. While created to serve musicians, these earplugs also offer comfort for people who are exposed to uncomfortably loud noise like dentists, barbers, and others.


DECi Earplugs

These earplugs prevent noise induced hearing loss by blocking the impact of explosive noises. Perfect for the gun range or work in demolition, these earplugs allow you to carry on a conversation, while ensuring that you’re not left with ringing ears afterward.


DECm Earplugs

These earplugs were especially designed for motorsport enthusiasts! Their specialized filters prevent occlusion and the roar of the wind in your ears, but allow enough airflow that you don’t feel uncomfortable on your long motorcycle rides!


​DECx Earplugs

Audiological experts at E.A.R. Inc. created these specially designed filters to block jarring decibels such as those that come from gunfire, jackhammers, or demolition explosions. The black filter can be slipped out, to allow you to hear normally, or slipped back into place to block damaging decibels.

Custom Fit Tactical and Communications Options:

Some occupations require communication. Whether you need to connect to a two-way radio system or a cell phone, we can fit our tactical earpieces to most communication systems.

When you arrive for your consultation, it’s important for us to know what kind of communication system you use.

**Note: Unless you choose the electronics options or the options that specifically say “Bluetooth,” these come with standard 2.5mm or 3.5mm threaded jacks.


Skeleton Tactical Earpiece

Skeleton/IFB Custom-Fit Earpiece includes three options: Solid, Filtered, and Open. Solid blocks all noise. Filtered allows some outside noise. Open enables you to hear all environmental noise.

You can also purchase a harness separately with a 2.5mm or 3.5mm threaded jack.


​Receiver Earpiece

The difference between this option and the Skeleton Tactical is that the Receiver fills the whole ear canal, offering more comfort. You can choose between solid, filtered, or open designs. The open allows you to hear all environmental sounds; the filtered allows more attenuation; and the solid protects your hearing no matter the noise. *Note: You can also purchase a harness with a 2.5mm or 3.5mm threaded jack.


Aviator Comms

The custom-fitted earplug protects your hearing while maintaining communications with air traffic controllers. This headset is compatible with the following communications systems: Plantronics MS-30, MS-50, and MS-57; Telex 5×5 Pro III; and Mark IIA 5×5.

*Note, this price is for 1 earpiece. You can purchase a second earplug for 50% off the listed price.

Occupations that Benefit from Chameleon Ears: 

Dentists • Barbers • Bar Tenders • Waiters/Waitresses/Hostesses • Construction Workers • Sound Engineers • DJs • Musicians • Pilots • Police Officers • EMTs • Firefighters • Race Car Drivers • Pit Crew • Factory Workers • Chefs • Mechanics • Baggage Handlers • Long Haul Truckers • Lab Technicians  • Industrial Engineers • Loggers • Farmers • Demolition Crews

Additional Chameleon Ears Products:


Earbud Sleeves

If you have a pair of earbuds that you love but find yourself turning the volume up in noisy environments, you’ll love our custom earbud sleeves! Made with a “friction fit” silicone and compatible with most earbud systems, these earbud sleeves give you quality, hassle-free sound without allowing environmental noise interference.


Solid Sleep Earplugs

Our Solid Sleep earplugs nestle deeply into your ear canal, so they won’t fall out while you sleep. A clear filament allows for easy removal from your ear. Our customers rave about the ability to sleep deeply now that they cannot hear their partner’s snoring!


Water Sport Earplugs

These specially designed earplugs prevent moisture from entering the ear canal. Best for watersports, swimming, and showering, they do not protect your ears from loud noises. *While we do not 3D print these earplugs, we still retain your impressions for future purchases. Please don't use them in loud environments as they are not designed to prevent noise induced hearing damage.

iPlugz Sports Monitors - Gen 1

$285 - iPlugz PRO Sports Monitors - Gen 1 - wired
$345 - iPlugz PRO Sports Monitors - Gen 2 - wired

Gen 1: These solid, silicone earplugs contain a single balanced armature driver. We designed them to block high ambient noise (NRR 30). A standard 3.5mm gold-plated, right-angled stereo jack allows you to plug directly into your sound system. A microphone insert enables you to use these earplugs for communication and hearing protection.

Gen 2: This model features a dual driver within a solid, silicone, custom-fit earplug. Designed to block high ambient noise (NRR 30), these earplugs provide clarity and recognition to digitally recorded vocals, making them perfect for podcasts, audiobooks and talk radio. They come with a 3.5mm gold-plated, right-angled, stereo jack.

iPlugz Sports Monitors - Gen 1

$300 - iPlugz PRO Bluetooth Sports Monitors - Gen 1
$380 - iPlugz PRO Bluetooth Sports Monitors - Gen 2
Gen 1: A single-balanced armature speaker/driver package, this Bluetooth option offers an overall broader sound with a mixture of highs and lows. If you prefer bass sounds, choose this option. Gen 2: This package features a dual-balanced armature speaker/driver focusing more on vocal tones and higher frequency combined with a tweeter. The tweeter cuts down on the bass sounds, making this the perfect option for musicians who need to hear higher frequencies better.

MHS™ 360 Series:

Our newest products! MHS™ 360 Series comes in a couple of packages.

MHS™ 360 Sleeve


If you need more than one kind of filter, you can purchase this Chameleon Ears™, custom-fit, sleeve that allows you to add or remove filters. Seamlessly move from your DECf filter, which is best for music, to the DECi filter when you need to blow off some steam at the gun range! Contact us today to talk about your filter options and whether you’d benefit from this option!

MHS™ 360 Complete Package

$1,000 - $1600

This package is for the person who wants to combine one of our electronics options with Chameleon Ears comfort! With this option, you can choose between two options:

  • Basic: This option is for people who do not suffer from any hearing loss. It allows control over the environmental noise, and it comes with two-way radio capabilities.
  • Primo: This option is best for people who have some level of hearing loss. Its specialized filter boosts certain frequencies, helping you hear better!
  • Kit: This one comes with your choice of either Basic or Primo electronic option. In addition, you get Hear Defender technology and a set of solid earplugs. (Compare the Basic and Primo Electronics Options.)

Additions you can add to your package: (*Note, all of these are priced separately, but cheaper to get all together in the complete package.)

DECf Filter • DECi Filter • Motorsports Filter • Music Monitors • Bluetooth Music Monitors • Wireless Two-Way Radio/Cell-Phone Communications.

Available colors:

You can choose up to three colors for your Chameleon Ears Earplugs. Mix and match as you please!

“Words might only be said once, but the hearing lasts forever.” -- Craig Lounsbrough