Power Tool Protection

Power Tool Protection

Did you know that fifty percent of construction workers suffer hearing loss? It sounds impossible but running a chainsaw for fewer than two minutes can cause irreparable damage. Usually, people don’t even notice the damage until it’s too late. The ringing in the ears grows painful; then, high-pitched noises become less audible. People find themselves turning the volume of their televisions louder or unable to follow conversations because the voices seem muffled.

The CDC and OSHA recommend that all construction workers wear hearing protection to prevent permanent damage (CDC Fact Sheet). The decibel levels of something as inane as running an electric drill rise above safe levels. A table saw can run as high as 120 decibels, and an impact driver as high as 105.

Why do people avoid wearing hearing protection if it’s that risky? Generic earplugs don’t fit well, and they cause occlusion—the technical term for the sound distortion that standard earplugs cause. Earmuffs interfere with safety glasses and other protection, and their bulkiness causes discomfort. People also think, “It’s only a few seconds. Surely, it’ll be all right.”

Hearing loss has a cumulative effect, and those few seconds lead to permanent damage. Don’t risk losing your hearing. Wear protection.

Recommended Products

If you’re working in an environment that requires you to be 100% alert and communicate with your coworkers, we recommend our Chameleon Ears™ HearDefenders-Dual Filtered® option.

But, if you don’t need to hear your coworkers talking about their weekend plans, the standard Chameleon Ears™ and Insta-Mold® Solid and acoustic earplugs meet OSHA standards. You can also add filters to increase attenuation.

Don't just grit your teeth and bear it!

We know that Rome wasn’t built in a day. Your hearing won’t be destroyed in a day either. However, the cumulative effect of power tools on your hearing causes pain and–ultimately–deafness. Please contact us today for a free consultation! We’re happy to help you find exactly what you need to keep your ears healthy and happy!

"Nothing is forever, if you have enough power tools." -- Albie Sachs