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  1.  We'll discuss (if necessary) which earplugs will work best for you.
  2.  Choose your color(s):
    Insta-mold colors. You may choose the same color for both ears; a different solid color for each ear; or up to two colors swirled together for one or both ears at no additional cost.
    Chameleon Ear colors. You may choose up to three colors to be swirled together at no additional cost.
  3.  Use an otoscope to observe any significant blockage as well as the size, direction, and depth of your ear canal.
  4.  Placement of otoblock in your ear to keep the putty from touching the ear drum.
  5.  Mix the putty with a catalyst, place it into a plunger tube. The putty will begin to "setup" within the next few minutes, so I need to get it into your ear quickly.
  6.  Inject the putty into your ear canal and fill up the bowl of your ear as well. During this time, hold still, no talking, smiling, chewing, nodding as this will cause the putty to shift around in your ear.
  7.  After about 10 minutes, the putty will become solid enough to remove for finish work.
  8.  Once removed, I'll trim and shape the earplug and then apply two coatings of medical-grade lacquer. Each coat will take about 20 minutes to dry. This coating will protect the earplug; add an additional layer to the surface to ensure a solid fit; and give the earplug a slight lubricating property for ease of fit.
  9.  I'll attach a lanyard, if you want one, and place them in a pouch for safekeeping. Voila...we're finished!

The process is essentially the same as it is for the Insta-mold steps 1-7 with a few exceptions:

  • Your color and add-on choices are much larger.
  • I will use an impression putty which will be sent to a lab where a 3D print of your earplugs will be made using silicone material and steps 8-9 will also take place.
  • The earplugs will be mailed back to you upon completion in 2-4 weeks.

How do I insert and remove custom earplugs?

View the video below to see the process on how to properly insert and remove your earplugs.

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