Shooting Sports

Shooting Sports

The owner of Performance Ear Pro, Bobbi Hedegard, offers shooting instruction in Memphis, TN, where she works as a registered nurse. To add to her impressive resume, she served as a translator and analyst in the United States Navy. She knows the value of quality ear protection. She wants you to hit the mark every time and insists that our earplugs do the same.

Thanks to its 152 decibels (with some calibers registering higher), even a single firearm blast produces irreparable damage, resulting in tinnitus, a constant, painful ringing in the ears. If exposure continues, high-pitched sounds become less audible, and this impairment gradually increases. Unfortunately, statistics show that hearing damage increases by at least seven percent every five years if a deer hunter or target shooter neglects hearing protection.

We get it. The occlusion of standard earplugs impacts your ability to communicate and makes it almost impossible to hear your prey. Though many hunters said they intended to insert earplugs before taking the shot, 95% said they never used their hearing protection.

Generic earplugs do not offer the same protection that we do. First, people don’t always use them correctly. Second, they cannot mold perfectly to your ears, leaving your hearing vulnerable. Avoid “shooter’s ear” with our custom earplugs. (Shooter’s ear, or asymmetric hearing loss, is a medically diagnosed condition involving repeated damage to the ears due to lack of ear protection while shooting. Hearing loss occurs in both ears, with one ear showing significantly more damage due to its proximity to the firearm.)

Additionally, earmuffs interfere with the proper mounting of the shotgun or rifle, but our custom in-ear plugs allow for the perfect mount while providing excellent hearing protection.

Recommended Products:

Solid Insta-Molds®and standard Chameleon Ears™ offer consistent, comfortable protection. These are your best bet if you plan to use them on an indoor range. If you’re shooting outside, you can get the acoustic filter. Please don’t use the filtered earplugs indoors, though, because the vibrations don’t dissipate indoors and can damage your hearing.

Our HearDefenders-Dual Filters® offer protection while also allowing you to remain alert. Since we grew up on the shooting range and in the deer stand, we know that awareness is critical. The ability to hear the people around you ensures everyone’s safety. You also want to hear that big buck coming. HearDefenders-Dual Filters® make that possible.

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Our staff regularly attends shooting competitions. We understand the need for quality hearing protection, so we offer on-site fittings! Contact us today to discuss group discounts!

Discipline, focus, endurance is what it takes to be the greatest at this sport. -Jordan Burroughs