Sound Engineers

Sound Engineers

Musicians, the movie industry, the entertainment industry, and the audience all rely on good sound engineers. Ironically, a career capitalizing on hearing often leads those pursuing it to experience hearing loss and damage. Over 70% of sound engineers recognized their risk, with as many as 48% saying they had difficulty distinguishing voices in the background. Despite these alarming statistics, very few use hearing protection because they perceive it as an interference.

We get it. You want to hear clearly to ensure the entertainers, producers, audience, and everybody else is happy. But going without hearing protection jeopardizes your health and financial stability. Technological advances have enabled us to create hearing protection that lets you do your job more efficiently, and we have several options for you to consider.

Below, you’ll find two categories in the recommended products. The first set of options caters to people who need high-quality sound when listening to recorded material. (These should not be used for hearing protection.) The second set includes earplugs that provide adequate, OSHA-compliant hearing protection. We can help you decide which equipment would serve you best if you share your intentions and expectations.

Recommended Products

If you want something to boost your sound quality while listening to recordings, you need Z Series™ Music Monitors. These allow you to hear frequency ranges separately, increasing clarity.

**Note: These allow you more control over your volume, but you should know that you risk your hearing if you exceed safe sound levels.**

You can choose several options. Z Series™ versions 1, 2, and 3 are best for personal and recreational use. Z Series™ 4, 6, and 8 are for professional use. All of them are easy to use.

Hearing Protection: Chameleon Ears™ with DECf filter or Chameleon Ears™ PRO Musician Earplugs with filters designed specifically for hearing music and speech. If you work in the music industry, this option lets you hear the music and vocals clearly while blocking dangerous decibels. It’s perfect for engineers supervising sound for live music events or collaborating with artists in a studio.

Hear every frequency every time!

We offer several options for sound engineers: from enhancing technology that allows you to differentiate between pitches and frequencies to custom-fit earplugs that allow you to hear safe decibels perfectly while blocking damaging levels. Contact us today for your free consultation!

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