Active Lifestyle

Active Lifestyle

The heart-racing music used to drown out the distractions at the gym or get your heartbeat pumping during kickboxing class can damage your hearing. We get it. The music makes your workout more fun and drowns out the monotonous hum of treadmills and stationary bikes. However, you could lose more than you gain at the gym if you don’t use ear protection.

Researchers linked hearing damage to strokes, heart disease, mental disorders, and poor sleep quality. We want you to feel your best and reach every goal. We designed our earplugs to fit your ear and allow you to hear your music!

We’ve got the answer.

 Our Insta-Molds® and Chameleon Ear™ PRO  series feature options with Bluetooth capabilities, giving you protection and pleasure at the same time.

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You don’t want just any earplugs when working out. Foam earplugs are hard to clean, don’t fit every ear, and often fall out during strenuous activity. If you’re working out in a group, you may not want to block all the noise because you want to hear the instructor. In that case, our Chameleon Ears™ or Insta-Molds® with acoustic filters may be most beneficial. You can also customize your Chameleon Ears™ or Insta-Molds® to include iPlugz Bluetooth capabilities, which allow you to take phone calls or listen to your music or podcast while reducing outside noise.

We also offer Insta-Molds® and Chameleon Ears™ options with Bluetooth capabilities, giving you a safe, hands-free way to enjoy your workout playlist. Also, consider iPlugz® PRO Bluetooth® v5.2 Sports Monitors. These Bluetooth earplugs include a microphone, button-controlled answer/end call, and callback capabilities. They also have an impressive 15- to 20-hour battery life.

If you have a pair of earbuds that you love, you can get our custom Earbud Sleeves. Earbud Sleeves work with a friction fit. The silicone grips your favorite earbuds and keeps them firmly in place. You can keep your workout playlist at a safe volume and still block distractions. (Our Earbud Sleeves fit most earbud brands.)

Many people experience their active lifestyle with friends.

If you are interested in scheduling a group appointment with friends, we offer group discount for groups consisting of eight or more individuals. 

"I hated every minute of training, but I said, 'Don't quit. Suffer now and live the rest of your life as a champion.'" -- Muhammed Ali