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Bobbi made my earplugs for me exactly to my specs and they are amazing! She is very professional and was attentive to get it right the first time.


​​I LOVE my custom ear plugs! I got mine about two or three years ago and I have never regretted the purchase. I decided to get the ones with the filter and I shoot in both outdoor & indoor ranges. I do still double up on ear protection in the indoor range, but not when shooting outdoors. It’s great to be outdoors, have great ear protection, and still be able to hear the individual instruction being given when the range is hot.


I have a ‘shooting’ pair and a ‘husband snoring’ pair [that I’ve had for about 8 years].


​I have thoroughly enjoyed using my custom ear plugs. Headphone type ear protection gives me headaches, but that is not an issue with these. Easy to have fitted, easy to place in the ear, comfortable to wear, and very effective for noise reduction. I use mine for shooting sports and it’s such a relief to have one less thing around my head/face since it’s already busy with shooting glasses and a cap. Highly recommend!


I love mine!


I love my earplugs and sing your praises to everyone.


I love them, so comfortable to wear all day.


Thank you so much! We are so happy with them! They really made the range a totally different experience!


When I study/read I have a hard time staying awake if it’s totally quiet so I need to be around people or have the tv on but also have to tune everything out some. My custom earplugs with the acoustic inserts work perfect.


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