Water Sports

Water Sports

When water pools in the outer ear canal, it becomes a breeding ground for bacteria, causing otitis externa—or—swimmer’s ear. You also need custom water plugs if you regularly swim or surf in cold water because cold water causes bone growths which can, eventually, constrict the ear canal, a condition commonly referred to as “surfer’s ear.”

The symptoms of swimmer’s ear include swelling, pain, pressure in the ear, and itching. If the infection spreads to your eardrum, it can cause perforation, which takes months to heal. Surfer’s ear causes water to become trapped in the ear canal, which leads to chronic ear infections.

Surgical removal of the bone growths can restore ear health for those who suffer from this condition, but surgeons warn that exposure to cold water can cause them to grow again.

Generic earplugs offer a cheap, quick option. However, standard earplugs do not offer the same protection because they don’t fit all ears equally. They can be too big—especially for children, which causes them to fall out while swimming, leaving your child vulnerable to infection.

Watersport Earplugs are created specifically to prevent water-related hearing damage. Using a mold of your inner and outer ear, we make a soft, flexible silicone plug that will not prevent noise but will prevent those nasty ear infections.

Save money on doctor’s visits and antibiotic treatments. Buy the earplugs.

**Note: Watersport earplugs should not be used to block environmental noise. They are not rated for noise-related hearing protection.

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You can use standard Insta-Mold® earplugs for some protection against the water. This option is best for people who want to protect their hearing on multiple levels. Watersport Earplugs offer the best protection against water entering the ear canal. They also have the advantage of being lighter, and nesting more snugly within the ear canal, which prevents them coming out while swimming.

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Every swimmer deserves good hearing protection. We understand the expense of providing custom earplugs for all the members of your swim team. Therefore, we offer a group discount if your group consists of more than eight individuals. 

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