Construction Protection

Construction Protection

Construction workers experience prolonged exposure to dangerous decibels every day. The CDC recommends less than sixty seconds of exposure to a drill. Yet, few construction workers think to pop on a set of earmuffs when nailing shingles or house frames.

Audiologists report four factors that keep construction workers from wearing adequate hearing protection. 1) They feel more alert without them. The occlusion from generic foam earplugs makes them less aware of their surroundings. 2) Their hearing protection doesn’t mesh with their other safety gear. If they wear earmuffs, for example, their safety glasses can impact the protection their earmuffs provide. 3) Any hearing protection that blocks all sound is unsafe on construction or demolition sites. Workers must be able to communicate with each other and hear danger signals. 4) Foam earplugs create a breeding ground for bacteria. If you don’t insert or remove them with clean hands, foreign materials—sawdust, grit, etc.—can enter the ear canal and cause infection or irritation.

You must hear what’s going on around you on the construction site. Moving machinery, falling objects, and many other risks require you to pay attention. Generic earplugs create audio distortions, making it challenging to identify potential dangers. Please stay safe. Protect your hearing and remain alert

Our earplugs come with a complimentary pouch that keeps your earplugs from becoming damaged or dirty when you aren’t wearing them. But they are comfortable enough to wear for hours without irritation. Our earplugs offer other significant advantages to generic options. Listen-through technology lets you hear essential things while blocking damaging decibels. Our silicon earplugs are easy to clean and care for and don’t break down after multiple uses. We promise that you’ll get years of service out of them.

Recommended Products:

Chameleon Ears™ with HearDefender® technology allow you to converse comfortably with your coworkers while blocking the 110 decibels of the bulldozer rolling past. If you need to connect your hearing protection to your two-way radio—essential for those who operate heavy machinery—we recommend Soft Shot™ Custom I or II. Since these electronic earplugs cost significantly more than the Chameleon Ears™ and Insta-Molds®, we recommend purchasing a pair of standard or filtered Chameleon Ears™ or Insta-Molds® and a single Soft Shot™ Custom I or II.

If you need budget-friendly communication earplugs, you can choose Insta-Mold® Communications, which connect to your phone or two-way radio. If you want more control over how much you hear, depending on your work, Chameleon Ears™ Modular Design goes from solid to filtered with a slight change in its positioning.

For centuries, construction workers have built civilization's greatest monuments...

You don’t have to sacrifice your hearing in the process. Whether you are welding, roofing, sawing, or hammering, you deserve quality hearing protection. Your health and financial stability depend on it. Contact us today for a free consultation!

I think the days before cell phones, when it was dirt clod wars at construction sites, was a lot more wholesome and productive, to be perfectly honest. - Mike Leach