Industrial Protection

Industrial Protection

Twenty-two million Americans risk damaging their hearing as they work in factories and keep our industries going. One in nine employees will report hearing-related illnesses this year. The CDC says the number is closer to one in four, with twelve percent of workers sustaining permanent damage and reporting hearing difficulty (CDC Fact Sheet).

Thanks to OSHA, industries have done much to educate their workers about the value of hearing protection. Still, as many as fifty percent of manufacturing employees admitted that they often forego earplugs. Since earplugs prevent workers from attending to what’s happening around them, they feel less alert. They think it’s safer to go without hearing protection. It isn’t.

Generic foam earplugs cause discomfort and irritation. The occlusion annoys wearers and makes them less likely to use protection. They may also feel they’ve grown used to the noise…but haven’t. If you think you’ve grown accustomed to the noise, you’ve sustained hearing damage. If you must raise your voice to be heard over the machinery, you need earplugs!


Employee physicals show that one in ten (maybe more) of industrial workers show significant hearing impairment. Researchers found a positive correlation between noise-induced impairment and heart disease, strokes, depression, poor sleep, anxiety, and social isolation. Prolonged noise exposure also causes tinnitus, which leads to poorer sleep. Poorer sleep lowers your immunity and increases your risk of illness. An increased risk of illness means taking more sick days, which impacts your financial stability.

You work hard every day to provide for your family. You deserve hearing protection that feels comfortable and increases your wellbeing. We can help!

Recommended Products:

Insta-Molds® and standard Chameleon Ears™ earplugs offer OSHA-compliant hearing protection. If you need to communicate with your coworkers, employees, or clients, you may find the Chameleon Ears™ with acoustic filters or HearDefender® technology most beneficial.

If you’re a supervisor, who needs communication capabilities, we recommend Insta-Molds® Communications Earplugs, which allow you to connect to your phone or radio system. You can protect your hearing and still keep in touch with your employees!

Protect your employees' hearing!

When it comes to providing hearing protection for your employees, we know that you need cost effective options. We offer on-site fittings for our products, and, if you have more than eight employees, we offer a group discount!

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