Sleep Aid

Sleep Aid

Are you tired of tossing and turning while your neighbors blast music? Does your partner’s snoring make it difficult to stay asleep? When you don’t sleep well, you put your body at risk. Lack of sleep impacts your body’s ability to heal or fight disease. It impairs your brain functioning and can lead to scary things like heart attacks and strokes. In addition, it impacts your psychological health, leading to depression, anxiety, and the inability to cope effectively with stress.

We could go on forever about the dangers of poor sleep, but you know that you feel best when you sleep well. Unfortunately, generic earplugs can’t offer the same amount of comfort that we can. Foam earplugs create a breeding ground for bacteria and can cause painful irritation. They also may not fit well, which makes sleep even less likely. (Who wants to hear their earplugs crackling every time they turn over? Nobody.)

We’ve got the answer.

Get sweet rest from the racket with our Solid Sleep Earplugs. Our soft, flexible silicone earplugs snuggle deeply into your ear canals and block all noise without irritating your ears. Don’t worry about them getting stuck in there. We designed a clear filament that allows for easy removal. They won’t get stuck.

Recommended Products

Solid Sleep Earplugs offer the most comfort. However, if you don’t have the budget for more than one set of earplugs, know that you can wear our standard Insta-Molds® or Chameleon Ears™ earplugs for hours without causing irritation thanks to their soft, silicone design.

You need your sleep!

We understand budgetary constraints that keep you from purchasing custom hearing protection–particularly a pair of earplugs that are exclusively for sleeping. Listen. Your health and financial stability depend on you getting a good night’s sleep. And we also offer group rates if you can get up to eight people to also purchase earplugs. (Note: Each individual can choose their own kind of earplugs. You don’t have to agree on one kind.)

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