Pilots of small aircraft are at the highest risk of hearing damage. This includes pilots of crop dusters and helicopters. You don’t have to be on a C-5M (the biggest aircraft in the U.S. Military) to risk hearing damage.

While the FAA takes the noise levels of American aircraft very seriously, the risk of hearing loss cannot be understated. Researchers named a pattern of hearing damage “Pilot Ear” because pilots usually experience hearing difficulties in one ear. (Standard headsets protect one ear, while the other is exposed to as many as 105 decibels during takeoff and landing.) After the plane levels off, the noise remains at 80 decibels, which OSHA says can cause damage if exposure lasts longer than eight hours.

Researchers linked prolonged exposure to airplane reverberations to heart disease and emotional disturbances. The irreparable damage leads to ringing ears, which impacts sleep. While most hearing safety guides suggest taking a break from the noise, that’s not an option when you’re thousands of feet off the ground. You need earplugs!

Each year, pilots undergo rigorous testing to ensure they can fly safely. Losing your hearing means failing that test. You don’t have to remain grounded. We have options that can help!

And don’t think that just because you load baggage gets you off without hearing damage. Studies show airplane baggage handlers and mechanics risk hearing loss too. Don’t risk your health and hearing for your job. Buy the earplugs.

Recommended Products

You need to communicate. The Hear-Defenders-Dual Filters® allow you to hear safe decibels while filtering out the roar of the airplane. If you’re loading baggage or performing related tasks that don’t require constant communication, we recommend our Standard or acoustic-filtered Insta-Mold and Chameleon Solid Earplugs, which are OSHA-compliant.

We also offer a Pilot Aviation Earpiece with an adjustable SwivelComm bar. The custom-fitted earplug protects your hearing while maintaining communications with air traffic controllers. This headset is compatible with the following communications systems: Plantronics MS-30, MS-50, and MS-57; Telex 5×5 Pro III; and Mark IIA 5×5.

Pass the hearing portion of your annual physical with flying colors!

The FAA takes the safety of pilots very seriously. That’s why they require you to pass a hearing test every year. We have custom comms that can protect your hearing while allowing you to communicate with air traffic controllers! Contact us for a free consultation! We’re happy to help!

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